Attention Travelers and Digital Nomads: The Best Virtual Mailbox Services

How do people on the move get their mail and packages? It’s something few people think about unless they’re in the position to need to know.

As they journey around the world, travelers and digital nomads receive important correspondence, and they cannot afford to ignore it. But how can you access a service like this from halfway around the world?

Enter the virtual mailbox. On the user’s online dashboard, they can see photographs of their incoming mail. From there, they can decide if they want the letters or parcels forwarded to them. If not, they can opt to have documents shredded and recycled.

1. Earth Class Mail

Ideal for an online business, Earth Class Mail offers users a variety of services and features. The price you’ll pay depends on which options you select and varies from $69-$179 (USD) a month.

However, experienced users believe that nothing rivals Earth Class Mail’s speedy service and sorting facilities, their software, and extra features. Another advantage of using Earth Class Mail is that the service offers more US addresses than most others.

Earth Class Mail’s services integrate with QuickBooks, Xero,, Dropbox, and Google Drive. This allows you to streamline your accounting and logistics functions. One of the Earth Class Mail’s best features is the fully automated CheckStream Deposit Service, which is useful for businesses that receive a lot of check payments.

2. Traveling Mailbox

This service offers five plans, and prices range from $15-$159 (USD).  Their primary services include envelope scans, filtering of junk mail, free mail shredding, and unlimited cloud storage. Each package offers additional features.

The option you choose depends on your business and its unique needs. Monthly limits are imposed, and the user is charged extra if the limits are exceeded.

Traveling Mailbox has more than 30 physical addresses around the United States. The services offered by Traveling Mailbox integrate with Dropbox,, and Evernote.

3. US Global Mail

This is an established service and offers family and individual plans. Users can opt for a short-term period of use, paying monthly. Alternatively, they can select a long-term plan, which lasts one or two years. Prices range from $10-$20 (USD), making it an attractive option for travelers and digital nomads on a tight budget.

Letters and packages are stored for free for periods of 180 days and 30 days, respectively. Once you choose to have mail forwarded, you will be charged a more than reasonable rate. One of the limitations that US Global Mail presents is that its only address location is in the state of Texas.

For certain financial and tax documents, you might be required to furnish an address within your state of residence, meaning US Global Mail wouldn’t work for you.