How to Decide Which Amazon Speaker to Buy

There are about half a dozen smart speakers and their assistants out in the wild today, but few are as prominent or as loved as Amazon’s Echo line. They were the first people in the market to invent the device and are, naturally enough, segment leaders. The Amazon Echo is the bestselling smart speaker in the US for a while now.

And yet, Amazon has about ten different speakers out in the market today. Which one should you buy and why pass out on the others?

Amazon Echo/Echo Dot

The Echo is Amazon’s first model of smart speakers and currently in the second generation. This was built for basic home use and comes with familiar features like music playback and internet searches.

The Echo Dot is a lot like the original Echo, and in many ways is just like the name suggests: a smaller Echo. Despite boasting pretty much the same features for half the price tag, it’s important to remember that the two have vastly different hardware specs. The Echo Dot has a much worse speaker, for example.

Amazon Echo Look

This device is a huge step away from the original device’s design and with good reason. It comes equipped with a camera and slightly better speaker, but is best suited for people fond of mirror selfies.

Now, you can do the same thing without any awkward camera angles and completely hands-free at that. It’s a more specialized device, so it won’t be a fit for everyone.

Amazon Echo Plus

The Echo Plus was invented to take care of the extensibility problem Amazon had with the initial Echo. It was a very popular device but wouldn’t play nice with any other IoT devices, especially from third-party developers.

The Echo Plus has a radio built into it that detects other IoT devices without the need for a hub. It’s perfect if you’re looking to automate things around the home.

Amazon Echo Show/Show 5

The Echo Show and Show 5 are two devices from the same family. As such, they have the same set of internal features, which includes audio and video calling aside from normal Alexa features.

What really sets this line apart is that they come with in-built screens, since they were meant for security monitoring. These devices can be connected to as many compatible security cameras as necessary.

You can then pull up a live feed of what’s going on or get notifications when events occur, like the bell is rung. The Show had a 10-inch screen while the Show 5 had a 5.5-inch screen and a privacy cover.

Amazon Echo Spot

Rounding up the list is the humble Echo Spot – the smallest and cheapest device on the list. It was designed to be small in order to fit in tight spaces that the original Echo might have trouble fitting, for example.

Despite its small size, users still have access to the same core features that the rest of the devices offer, including Alexa.